What Job Seekers Need To Know About The Interview Process For Toy Careers

Working for a company that sells toys can be a fun and rewarding career. Major toy retailers frequently hire people for management, production, quality control, and Sales Toy Jobs. The first step for most people is putting in an application online. If the application is accepted, the next step is an interview. The following are some interview tips for job seekers who are interested in toys r us express careers.

The Group Interview

There are typically two steps in the interview process. The first is a group interview with several other candidates. During this interview, which can take up to two hours, participants introduce themselves, share information about their work experience and interest in the job, and talk about their favorite toys and games. The group interview will also involve team-building exercises like inventing, building, and selling a toy. The interviewers want to see how well candidates interact with each other, solve problems, and share responsibilities.

The One-On-One Interview

Group interviews are followed by one-on-one interviews either immediately after the group interview or scheduled for a later date. In the one-on-one interview, the interviewers try to get to know more about the candidate. Typical questions address work experience, strengths, scheduling flexibility, and work ethics. Often, this interview is the final step in the process, and it concludes with a job offer. Candidates who are applying for high-level positions may go through multiple rounds of interviews.

Tips For Success

Toy industry hiring managers recommend that job seekers research the industry and the particular company they hope to work for. If applying at a store, they should be familiar with what the store sells and how the company operates. Interviewers tend to be impressed when candidates ask intelligent questions about the company and when they offer specific contributions based on their observations of the workplace. Interviewers also like to see candidates who dress neatly and professionally. In general, visible tattoos and facial piercings are not recommended.

Job candidates who present themselves as friendly and flexible stand a good chance of getting a job with a toy retailer. Many people go on to have long and fulfilling careers in the toy industry once they get a foot in the door.